The Galaxy of Yes •  Former Colby Farm  • 278 acres At Exit 9 on I-89 Colby Road, Middlesex Vermont


Creating a residential community that is also supported economically by a commercial and educational economic engine. The Galaxy of Yes will create the opportunity for good jobs that pay at and above a livable wage. The artistic disciplines and creative thinkers and businesses are the solid foundation for good long term sustainable economic development and living.

The Colby Farm is ideally oriented for solar energy production that can capture enough solar energy that development of the farm can be net zero. There are already high tension three phase transmission lines that traverse the property which can both deliver and receive electricity. This will be an example of how to kick the fossil fuel habit. All buildings will be net zero.


Middlesex, Camp Meade and The Galaxy of Yes are situated in the center of the state. Middlesex is undergoing an exciting revitalization at this time. 

The Winooski River and water shed with the confluence of the Mad River are the binding arteries for all kinds of life over time. Route 2 parallels the  Winooski River, the railroad parallels the Winooski River and the old railroad station building is still standing in Middlesex on route 2, interstate I-89 parallels the Winooski River and the property is at and abuts the exit  on and off ramps.

These are the essential infrastructure elements that create enduring communities and sustainable positive economic  development. We imagine a day in the near future when commuter light rail stops at Middlesex again and people are able to travel near and far around the globe, from Middlesex, without needing to personally own a car. We are forty minutes from Burlington International airport.

The Galaxy of Yes understands that a vibrant community needs to have a high quality affordable day care and education facility to be truly sustainable. The society at large and the small community of Middlesex and the Galaxy of Yes will benefit from having a state of the art day care on the Colby Farm property.  There is a crying need for this across the land. We envision a day care able to care for and nurture up to 150 kids on a daily basis. It is a drop in the societal bucket but a component as critical as clean water, and air and septic disposal. 

The residential units will be a variety of single family homes and multi-family homes and housing to support both a student and work force and cross section of our diverse socio-economic population.  

All of the development on the property will be served by the solar generation. We would allow one electric car to be parked at each residential unit. All other cars would be parked at the perimeter of the property. We will investigate a shared car system of transportation for members and residents.

The neighborhoods will be built around open areas that will be used for parks, community gardens, neighborhood gatherings and building community. The residential development will be in clusters across the property that are interconnected by a variety of public walking paths.

Art, music and technology of the present/future, are the threads that tie together this effort to live in harmony with the good old planet and its rhythms. Public Wifi, electric charging stations, places to hang and enjoy the great outdoors. There is a field that pitches away from the interstate that can become a small outdoor music and arts venue. This could be associated with an on premise music and art school which we desire to foster and create the opportunity for. 

There are opportunities  housing for every demographic with some subsidized affordable  housing (10%)  and housing for retirees. The ownership of the residences and commercial spaces will follow a condominium kind of format. This will keep the overarching values and the land that supports them together so that it cannot be sold off in disparate pieces but yet provides the vehicle for equity growth and value.  

The residential community will be woven into the geography, some of the open land will be used to grow food crops that are consumed on the property. The historical patterns and uses of the land to be intertwined with the Galaxy of Yes, Colby Farm project.